5 Nursery Safety Tips for Parents

When in the process of creating a safe nursery for your baby, it isn’t just about comfortable crib bedding and pastel colors. While decorating the nursery is fun, safety is a more important aspect. Before baby arrives, parents should get rid of any potential dangers. Below are some tips to consider when building a safe nursery.

Buy a Safe Crib

The crib is one of the most important parts of the nursery, because that’s where baby will spend most of his or her time. Cribs should meet current safety standards, and slats should be close together so the child can’t get caught between them. Corner posts should have no decorative touches that can snag the child’s clothing or cause a strangulation injury.

Choose Safe Toys and Storage Containers

According to recommendations from the Home Safety Council, parents should store kids’ toys in boxes or bins without lids. If the toy chest has a lid, it should have a mechanism that prevents the lid from falling on the child or trapping them inside.

Be Cautious With Cords

Nurseries should be arranged so low-standing furniture is away from windows. If a crib, playpen or toy chest is too close to the window, the child could reach the window blind cords or climb out the window. Cordless window shades and window guards can help parents baby- and toddler-proof the nursery.

Cover Electrical Outlets

Wall outlets should be covered with plug protectors at all time, and parents should look for the type that covers the entire outlet because a curious toddler can remove the single-plug variety. If it’s necessary to have an electrical appliance plugged in, try taping the cord down so the child can’t access the outlet.

Avoid Crib Accessories

When it comes to making a safe crib for the baby, the only thing that should be in the crib is a snug-fitting bed sheet. Some parents love filing the crib with toys and blankets, but they can present a suffocation hazard for a newborn. At bedtime, parents should remove all of these items from the crib so baby can have a peaceful, safe night’s sleep.