An Apartment Complex That is Just Superior

I was looking forward to looking at apartments for rent in Orlando FL for mainly one reason. It was during the end of summer, and I knew that fall and then winter would soon be upon us. I have spent the last 26 winters in Ohio, where it can get really nasty out there. I am so done with the cold, and I was excited about a job opportunity in Orlando. I did not mind moving so far away from family because I knew that I would see a lot of them during the winter months when they would ask to come see me!

Because of that, I wanted to get a two bedroom apartment. I knew that it would cost only a little more, but it would save my folks and sisters a lot of money by not having to get a hotel room when they come down. I seriously expect to have at least one of them come every month during the winter season. When I looked at the two bedroom apartments, I was really impressed with one over all the others. The Murano Apartments were not only close to where I would be working, but they are the nicest I had seen too.

It makes sense since they are a new development. They know what residents want, and they absolutely deliver it. The two bedroom apartment is really nice, and that is just the beginning. There are so many community amenities that it just becomes the superior choice just on that. I will be able to get my morning coffee at a cafe there, get a great workout, a nice swim, sit by a fire pit, have my dry cleaning done, play video and arcade games, use the business center, and so much more, without even leaving the premises! If I had any doubts before looking, this definitely sealed the deal for me.