Los Angeles Health Codes for Ice Cream Shop Owners

If you own an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop or are thinking of owning one, you should be aware that there are certain health code rules that you must follow. Not following these rules can have serious consequences and could end with your shop going out of business before it even has the chance to really get started. Here is some advice from Gelato Products on learning how to follow these health codes.

Delivery and Storage

To start off with, bear in mind that there are laws related to food quality and food delivery and storage up to the time it reaches your location. For this reason, you should always purchase your frozen yogurt supplies from a trustworthy source that knows and abides by all of these laws.

Trust is Everything

Fortunately, there are many great Los Angeles frozen yogurt suppliers. So, do your research to find a trustworthy company that will store your foods and other products safely, deliver them fresh, and help you to meet all of the quality standards that are required of you.

Review the Laws

In addition to obtaining quality frozen yogurt products, make sure that you obtain a copy of and carefully review the California Retail Food Code. This document contains all of the laws that you must know and follow in order to provide frozen yogurt, ice cream, and other such food products to customers. By knowing and following these rules and by getting your products from a trustworthy source, your business should be booming and successful in no time at all!


An Apartment Complex That is Just Superior

I was looking forward to looking at apartments for rent in Orlando FL for mainly one reason. It was during the end of summer, and I knew that fall and then winter would soon be upon us. I have spent the last 26 winters in Ohio, where it can get really nasty out there. I am so done with the cold, and I was excited about a job opportunity in Orlando. I did not mind moving so far away from family because I knew that I would see a lot of them during the winter months when they would ask to come see me!

Because of that, I wanted to get a two bedroom apartment. I knew that it would cost only a little more, but it would save my folks and sisters a lot of money by not having to get a hotel room when they come down. I seriously expect to have at least one of them come every month during the winter season. Continue reading →